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Self-Adhesive ADA Pads

Our power-bonding truncated domes mats are simple and quick. They can be installed in just minutes. These ADA Pads require no drilling or anchoring hardware. With their powerful adhesive technology, these ADA truncated domes work on asphalt, as well as concrete. The same powerful adhesive that keeps wings attached to airplanes and keeps hundreds of parts bonded with automobiles is used in manufacturing these ADA mats so they will bond on asphalt surfaces typically found in parking lots and pedestrian pathways. (NOTE: California requires a minimum 3-foot depth for truncated domes. Please select your sizes accordingly.)

  • A molded tactile dome sheet composed of fiber-reinforced polymer-modified flexible cement with flexible, wear-resistant, UV protective resins
  • Integrated with the mat is a proprietary “Powerbond” peel-and-stick adhesive technology
  • Base of mat is only 2mm thick presenting zero trip hazard, with truncated domes 0.9 inch in diameter by 0.2 inch high
  • Do not apply in temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit or in wet conditions or when rain is imminent
  • No special tools, drilling, or anchoring hardware required
  • Lightweight and easy to handle, even for one person to install
  • Unique fiber-reinforced cement ADA mats have superior durability and longevity
  • Mats can be cut in the field. Using heavy-duty utility knife or construction shears, lay mat flat with domes faced up. Use a straight edge to cut lines. Radius cuts are not recommended. Note: Product cannot be returned if cut, used, or in any condition not suitable for resale
  • Power bond adhesive truncated domes are a great choice for installation on asphalt or concrete surfaces
  • 5 year product warranty. Improper installation may void warranty.