Self-Adhesive ADA Pads

Self-Adhesive Truncated Domes Work on Concrete and Asphalt | Base is Just 2mm Thick | Zero Trip Hazard | Fast & Easy to Install

Power-bond peel-and-stick truncated domes mats are simple and quick. One person can install them in just minutes. These tactile warning truncated dome mats require no drilling into the surface they are mounted on, and require no anchoring hardware. While we provide an ADA pads roller tool for removing trapped air from under the mat, these mats can be installed without drilling, or application of additional adhesives or hardware. Simply peel off the backing, affix the mat to the surface, thoroughly smooth out the mat, and use a paintbrush to apply the moisture sealant (supplied with each mat) around the perimeter of the mat. That's it, you're done.

Self-adhering ADA Pads come with uniformly applied powerful adhesive already in place on every centimeter of the backside of the mat. With their powerful adhesive technology, these ADA truncated domes work on asphalt, as well as concrete. This is the only truncated domes product we recommend for installation on asphalt surfaces, making them a remarkably versatile product.

What allows these ADA mats to be used on asphalt surfaces when other truncated domes would not work? It's in the fundamental design and concept. The super-thin base that is only 2mm thick, in combination with the same powerful industrial adhesive that keeps wings attached to airplanes and keeps hundreds of parts bonded with automobiles, forms an integrated powerful bond between the materials of the mat and the materials of the surface it adheres to. High tech materials, adhesives, and manufacturing processes allow these ADA mats to become integrated with the asphalt surfaces typically found in parking lots and pedestrian pathways, where traditional hard ceramic tile, or thick urethane pads, would not work.

This American designed and American manufactured product ships from California in 1-4 business days. Every order from Truncated Domes Depot gets Free Ground Shipping. (Compliance note: California requires a minimum 3-foot depth for truncated domes. Please select your sizes accordingly.)

Peel-and-Stick PowerBond Technology

Installation is quick and easy with these Self-Adhesive ADA pads. There is no downtime for your business or parking lot, unlike other truncated dome systems.

Self-Adhesive ADA Truncated Domes

With a low profile, high contrast, and slip resistant surface, this product is an ADA compliant patterned mat. The product meets ADA guidelines for ADAAG section 4.29.2 ADA compliant truncated-domes tactile warning system for pavement.

5 Year Warranty

This product meets the required ADA guaranteed minimum of 5 years of service. Please follow installation instructions. Improper installation may void warranty.

Powerfully Bonds to Concrete and Asphalt Surfaces

Join the professional crews that are moving to these new ADA compliant surface mount self-adhesive mats from the traditional surface mounted and wet concrete cast-in-place ADA tiles. Save money, time and a lot of frustration!