Best Selling Truncated Dome Products from Truncated Domes Depot

Best Seller Truncated Domes from Truncated Domes Depot

A collection of the best-selling ADA and California Truncated Domes ADA Pads from the Trusted Source for American Made tactile warning domes

We often advise customers that the first step to take when installing truncated domes on your property or for your client's property is to contact the inspector on the project. Chances are, the inspector for your project will specify what size, color, and style of truncated domes to use. Key questions start with the kind of surface, or surfaces, you will be installing truncated domes. We provide an array of federal and state ADA compliant tactile warning domes, which several choices for size and color in each style.

Needless to say, it can all be a bit overwhelming. So again, start by consulting with any inspectors on your project and getting their guidance. After all, they are the ones who have final approval. So start there, rather than risk installing the incorrect size, wrong color, or inefficient style of truncated domes, only to have the inspector reject the installation.

The truncated domes gathered on this page have proven over many years to be the best selling truncated domes in each category. All are American Made. All are ADA compliant, and truncated domes with a 3-foot dimension are California compliant. But you must still select the correct style, color, and size(s) for your particular project. Some projects may require a mix of products, for example, using self-adhesive style ADA mats in the asphalt parking lot areas, and surface mount truncated domes tiles on the sidewalks.

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