Cast-In-Place Tiles

For Wet Concrete Installation | Truncated Domes Tiles with Patented Remove and Replace Feature | Non-slip Surface | ADA and California Compliant Design, Materials, Sizes and Colors

Access Tile Tactile Systems are available in (7) sizes and (5) colors to fit your project-specific requirements. Use the Replaceable Cast in Place design shown on this page for new construction installations. Use the Surface Applied design for retrofit applications when installing on existing concrete.

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Installation of Cast-in-Place Truncated Domes for Fresh Concrete Surfaces

Cast-in-Place Removable Truncated Domes Tiles - Features and Benefits

  • Replaceable Open Ended Design ‐ Better Installations and Easy to Maintain
  • State or the Art Engineered Composite Technology – Superior Performance
  • Consistent 2.35” Dome Spacing when Tiles are Adjoined Side-by-Side or End-to-End – ADA Compliant
  • Tamper Proof Stainless Steel Fastener Design with Nylon Anchors – Corrosion Resistant
  • Diamond Grip™ Micro Prism Design – Enhanced Anti‐Slip Surface for Safety
  • Preassembled Tek Anchor System – Lower Labor Costs
  • Meet Any Project Requirement with our selection of (7) Standard Sizes and (5) Colors, Including 3-foot dimension sizes to meet California requirements (2' x 3', 3' x 4', 3' x 5')
  • QC Approved and ASTM Tested ‐ Highest Material Standards
  • Five Year Standard Warranty – Install With Confidence

Replaceable Feature of Cast-in-Place Truncated Domes Tiles for Fresh Concrete Surfaces

Engineered Polymer Composite Replaceable Cast In Place Detectable/Tactile Warning Tiles - Product Innovations

  • The Diamond Grip ™ Micro Prism Surface provides an anti‐slip surface.
  • The open‐end Easy Cast ™ ribbed chevron underside channels air out from under the tile and enables a wet set installation in a matter of minutes.
  • The tamper resistant anchoring hardware allows for easy access to remove for a life cycle maintenance strategy.
  • The Engineered Composite Technology provides excellent Cost/Value.
  • The 2.35” Dome Spacing is ADA Compliant and California Compliant.