Why Do I Need to Install Truncated Domes? What is their Purpose?

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Long line of yellow truncated domes outside a store

Have you ever exited a Target and been jolted awake by your cart being bounced around, unable to control and vibrations passing though every inch of your body? You may have looked down at those colorful, odd-looking squares near the exit and asked yourself "Why? What are those things? Why are they necessary?!?...They just spilled my coffee!!!"

What most of the population does not know is that these colorful squares actually serve a very important purpose!

What is the Purpose of ADA Tactile Warning Pads?

Tactile warnings provide a distinctive surface pattern of “truncated domes” or cones (which are small domes or cones that have had their tops cut off, or truncated) or “truncated bars” detectable by long cane or underfoot which are used to alert people with visual impairments of their approach to streets and hazardous drop-offs. People who are blind or visually impaired are alerted of impending danger from vehicle impact or a grade change.

Why Do I Need to Install Truncated Domes?

The current California Building Code (CBC), 2019: Detectable warnings. Curb ramps shall have a detectable warning that extends the full width, less 2" maximum on each side, and 36" deep on a blended transition and a curb ramp, excluding the flared sides. Detectable warnings shall be slip-resistant and consist of raised truncated domes with specific spacing. The detectable warning shall be yellow per CBC and an integral part of the detectable warning surface. The domes may be constructed in a variety of methods, including cast in place or stamped, or may be part of a prefabricated surface treatment.

Truncated Domes for Dry Cement Application from Truncated Domes Depot

While the Americans With Disabilities Act was passed in 1992, it was not until much later, after exhaustive studies, that truncated domes were legally required for many areas on private property, including curb cut outs, parking lot environments, wheelchair ramps, entrances, and paths of travel.

It has led to many businesses needing to install truncated domes on concrete that is already in place. Surface applied truncated domes allow property owners and managers to install ADA required truncated dome pads and meet local ordinances without having to break up, remove, and re-pour wet concrete.

Our truncated domes come in a range of sizes and colors (to meet ADA contrast requirements for paving tiles and truncated domes). Most orders ship the next day with delivery in 3-5 business days. And truncated dome orders always ship for free!!

We have Self-Adhesive ADA PadsSurface Applied Tiles and Flexible Urethane Pads for easy placement of pre-existing concrete and asphalt. The Cast-In Place Truncated Domes are perfect wet concrete installation!

So now you know what Truncated Domes are! Next time when you are at Target you should let your family member, shopping partner and kids know why they are necessary and beneficial to all!

Need an estimate for truncated domes? Have questions? We are available by email: Sales@TruncatedDomesDepot.com

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