Truncated Domes: What You Should Know

Truncated Domes



Truncated domes, in case you do not know, are standardized tactile surfaces to warn people of various hazards nearby. You’ll see these truncated dome warnings along railway platforms, at corners of sidewalks, and along parking lot pedestrian paths.

ADA truncated domes can help people, especially those who are differently-abled or visually challenged when they are about to go to a parking lot or to be cautious if they are to cross a road that has a high traffic rate.

Styles of Truncated Domes for Purchase

When talking about truncated domes, you have various options to purchase. The most popular ones include hard tiles, which can be mounted only on concrete surfaces; and rugged glue-down mats, which can be applied on the surface of both concrete and asphalt.

There is a third option, and that is one using “cast-in-place” tiles. However, this style requires pouring fresh concrete and skills at embedding the tiles. Installing surface applied truncated domes are more user friendly, and the self-adhesive style mats can be installed in just minutes.

Self-Adhesive Truncated Domes Mats

Self-adhesive style truncated domes are mats with a powerful adhesive already applied to the underside. They can be quickly installed on concrete or asphalt surfaces. Unlike truncated domes tiles, self-adhesive mats are extremely thin with virtually no trip hazard.

Tiles that are cast in place can be very hardy, as they are usually composed of material that is tough and durable, making it hard and resistible to damage.

However, there are disadvantages. Mounting cast-in-place tiles requires specialized tools and highly skilled workers who can properly float and level the tile in wet (freshly poured) concrete. Typically, this is beyond the skill set of a DIY (do it yourself) buyer, and even moderately experienced contractors who may not have experience pouring, leveling, and tiling in wet cement/concrete.

Self-adhesive, glue-down style truncated domes give the same performance as hard tiles. Yet they can be installed by anyone in only minutes. And, they are the only product that can be used on asphalt surfaces, typically found in parking lots or on pedestrian paths. Hard tile ADA domes can only be mounted on concrete surfaces.

Glue-Down ADA Mats

Self-adhesive truncated domes are made of cement resin and when mounted on concrete or asphalt surfaces, they form a powerful bond, taking on the strength of the surface they are mounted to.


Look for self-adhesive truncated dome mats that are simple and quick to use. These are ADA compliant truncated do not need any drilling or anchoring hardware.

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