Suits Target San Diego Pot Shops Over Disability Access

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An unlicensed dispensary in Spring Valley is being sued as part of a disabled access lawsuit. / Photo by Adriana Heldiz

Illegal pot shops around the county tend to pop up faster than authorities can shut them down. But even when a business is operating without a permit, it’s still supposed to adhere to laws aimed at providing access to the disabled.

One disabled San Diego resident has targeted nine illegal storefronts so far with lawsuits alleging they discriminated against him by not providing him proper access, VOSD’s Jesse Marx reports.

Some of the shops have opted to pay the man to settle, rather than risk being dragged into court, where their existence would become much more visible. One landlord, though, is fighting the suit, saying the disabled man “has not suffered any damage nor has he been inconvenienced in any manner.”

One attorney with experience in disability cases said it doesn’t matter whether a shop is operating illegally – “If you’ve got a business that’s open to the public, it is required to comply with the law.”

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